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High-End Hardwood Floors

For Fairfield & Newtown, CT

Here at R. Botsford Custom Woodworking, we create beautiful hardwood floors and other custom carpentry work for homeowners in Newtown and Fairfield, CT. Contact us today to discuss a project and get an estimate on a custom design.
We will design and build the kitchen, bathroom, closet, or HOME of your dreams.

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et us give you a complete room remodel custom made to your own specifications. Work with our design team to create quality hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, and more that will last for years to come.

Hardwood flooring brings a certain inexplicable element of beauty and warmth to your home. Choose hardwood if you’re interested in: Convenience – easy to clean with an occasional vacuum or sweep, no stains from spills and accidents; Beauty – an elegant look that never goes out of style; Durability – built to last and show less wear over time than carpeting, a great long-term investment; or Variety – endless options for customization between color, stain, and more, the perfect compliment to any style of home.

Hardwood floors come in three types: strip, plank, and parquet. The main difference between strip and plank style hardwood flooring is the width of the boards. Strip flooring is less than 3″ wide while plank flooring is greater than 3″ wide. Strip is what most people think of as “traditional” hardwood, while plank offers a more casual look. Parquet flooring is used to generate a geometric, non-linear design, such as herringbone. Other factors to consider include finished or unfinished wood (do you prefer a natural or stained look?), solid or engineered wood (this will impact future refinishing options), and the species of wood (oak, maple, cherry, bamboo, mahogany, etc.).

Although you may need to have your wood refinished occasionally, hardwood floors are built to last and make a great long term investment. Best of all, they require minimal maintenance and are a breeze to clean. Again, simple sweeping will keep your hardwood floors smooth and, unlike carpeting, you don’t ever have to be concerned about spills or stains.

For classic and contemporary woodworking, you know where to turn.

Our Services Include

  • Kitchen remodels

  • Bathroom remodels

  • Custom woodworking

  • Custom cabinets

  • Custom countertops

  • Traditional & contemporary looks

  • Form to finish

  • Project and construction management

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